Ray Hogan, known by his fans as “RayisDude”, spent the beginning years of his life learning new instruments, sign-language and acting; always entertaining and surprising his loyal friends and family.

Through the years, Ray was able to harness his skills and renowned stage presence into various feats of jaw dropping entertainment. Whether it was acting a part in a play, taking the lead in a garage band, jumping into a freestyle battle or performing at a sold out show; Ray has always had a place in the spot light.

 RayisDude’s sound can best be described as alternative hip-hop. Blending acoustic and rock melodies with raw thought provoking hip-hop. Rhymes based on Ray’s life, the world and how he handles it all.

Ray thanks all of you dearly for your continued support! The “URDude Campaign” is growing faster than ever, thanks to all of you! If you know Ray, you know how much you mean to him. There is nothing he would not do for his friends, family or just a stranger that needs a helping hand.